Real Celebrant Wedding - Tracey and Michael

When Tracey first made contact back in June 2020 she was absolutely adamant about one thing, that she was going to get married outdoors in the open air. It would have to be raining upwards, she said, before she would even begin to consider going indoors. I had to suppress the inner voice telling me that upwards rain is a distinct possibility in Wigan in June!

That wasn't her only wish, she wanted to include hand fasting and jumping the broom into her ceremony too. Not a problem. A celebrant can do all of that and more!

It was clear from the start that Tracey and Michael are at the heart of a large and loving family with lots of children and animals in their busy but welcoming home. We sat down at the kitchen table and began to discuss the details of the wedding ceremony. What words would they use describe their love? What promises will they make to each other? What does marriage mean to them? What readings did they want to include? How will they involve the children in the ceremony?

With so many interesting elements to include, the script was a joy to write. After some hesitation and uncertainty the couple decided that they would write their own vows, a huge step out of both their comfort zones. However, once they got into it they both wrote beautiful and deeply personal vows that had everybody reaching for the tissues!

Like most couples, Tracey and Michael have been on a journey together and this was reflected beautifully in the words that they chose to say to each other. If you've not thought about writing your own vows then I encourage you to consider it. The result is beautiful and heartfelt, and so very different from the scripted registrar versions. Who cares if some of it doesn't make sense to anybody else in the room except just you


All the details decided, we scheduled a rehearsal for the week before the wedding and then disaster struck. Tracey had to self isolate for 10 days. I'm sure she wouldn't mind me saying that she's not the kind of person who enjoys being isolated, and no bride wants to be stuck in the house so close to her wedding day with so much to do! But, she survived and the rescheduled rehearsal day dawned bright and sunny. A makeshift aisle was created in the garden. Think 'jumpers for goalposts' and you'll get the picture.

Bridesmaids and page boys behaved beautifully as they learned their paces, each one shouldering their responsibilities with an air of dignity and gravitas rarely seen in children under the age of 10!

Photo credit: photogee

When the big day finally came I wasn't the only one looking nervously to the sky wondering if it was going to stay dry. But I needn't have worried. Throughout the morning it brightened up and by the time 2pm rolled along there was glorious sunshine on the Costa del Standish.

The wedding itself went smoothly and the extra elements of handfasting and jumping the broom made it even more memorable for the couple, their guests and myself. What a joyful event to be involved with, I'm so grateful that I could play my part in getting this lovely couple off to a glorious start in their married loves together. Their love shone through as brightly as the midsummer sunshine, and as I left the hotel, the sounds of a party just getting started rang in my ears! A beautiful day for beautiful people.

Photo credit: photogee



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